SimpLite-Yahoo! 2.2

SimpLite-Yahoo! is a program for encrypting Yahoo! chat conversations
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Yahoo! messenger is one of the most famous chat programs and -like most of these program- doesn't encrypt your chat messages, which makes it possible for hackers to see your messages that may contain confidential information. The solution for this is to use SimpLite-Yahoo! which works as a local socks proxy server that will work as a gateway that will encrypt your messages using the RSA key method of encryption. The configuration wizard can automatically configure many well-known clients such as the official Yahoo! messenger, Trillian, GAIM, Pidgin and can support all other clients that can be configured manually with the local socks v4 that is provided at the end of the wizard. The program also provides a RSA key generator that will generate a unique key depending on your passphrase. In order for the encryption to work, both ends of the chat conversation should have SimpLite-Yahoo! or SimPro installed otherwise the chat conversation will be unencrypted. The program has a very nice balloon notification that will let you know whether the conversation is encrypted or not.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Supports most of Yahoo! messenger clients


  • Requires the same program on both sides of the conversation
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